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Oem H4 Headlight Relay Wiring Harness System 4 Headl Light Bulb - Awesome!!! Posted 2007-08-03 04:47:56 by Crazydefense32. The kit is very easy to install and is a great addition to my truck. Not only does it look better at night when the high beams are turned on it. Dec 15, 2014  · The head light swithc does not power the relay in the junction box it is actually the other way around the junction box relay powers the headlight switch. So in this case eliminating that switch in the powering of the headlight and only making it power a headlight relay and using a heavier gauge of wire to power and ground will allow more. Oct 28, 2018  · Also note Osram is Toyotas OEM headlight bulb supplier, so they meet Toyota’s strict product quality standards. The harness is entirely plug and play, the factory switch will control the relay on the harness, to control the lights as if it were stock. Ground switched wiring harness - H4 part number HL28200S Osram Hyper 85/80w bulbs.

Headlight Relay Kit Extensions In some vehicles, the battery is in a location at which the harness will not reach both it and the headlights. In these cases, a Headlight Relay Kit Extension is required.. 1998 Toyota 4runner 3.4l Fuse Box Engine Bay Abs Headlight Wire Harness Oem B61 $139.00 Mercedes 230sl 250sl 280sl 113 Hella H4 Headlight And Bulb Set For Aj Light. T his relay harness is directly compatible with the 9005 9006 9012 9140 9145 9150 HB3 and HB4 socket And by using the extension power cord comes together the HID bulb, you can also install this relay harness for any other bulb sockets such as H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H11, H13, 9004, 9007, 880, 5202, P13W and more..

Dec 08, 2017  · The 55w lights will use 7.85 amps of current at 14 volts, while the stock wiring will handle that fine, there's a voltage drop associated with the long wiring run from the battery, to the fuse panel, and up though the headlight switch, back into the harness to the front of the car.. The wiring harness comes with a rocker switch and Deutsch connectors and can be used on driving lights up to 100W HID, light bars up to 52", and any work light. The relay is fully waterproof and rated at 40amps, the rocker switch is rated at 20amps, they. Jan 11, 2017  · The harness uses heavy gauge wiring and Hella relays with ceramic plugs to bypass the factory wiring and switches, drawing power directly from the battery. The heavy duty wiring with a more direct lead to the battery is more efficient causing your lights to be brighter, and isolates the factory wiring from the increased loads of the high power.

The key to the two- and four-light systems is the harness that bypasses the car's existing headlight wiring and employs the new wiring for a safe and effective upgrade.. The voltage difference (before harness and after harness) may not seem like a lot but light output is proportional to the 3.4 power of the voltage, so (13.47/12.32)^3.4 is about 35% more light, for the same bulb!.. When you start tapping into places in the wiring harness that weren't tapped originally, you must properly protect the wiring system with fuses. In the case of tapping into the "battery" connection on the alternator, for example: suppose your new headlight wiring (or a portion of the old wiring after the relay) shorts to ground..

For example, if you have a 9004/7-equipped vehicle and want to upgrade to H4 headlights, order the H4 harness and the 9004/7-male connector and then swap the H4-male connector on the relay harness for the 9004/7-male connector and you are set and have made no changes to the factory wiring.. Hot Selling 7 Inch H4 2 Headlamp Relay Wiring Relay Harness Car Light Bulb Socket Plug For Car Auto Headlight Sale Cats Harnesses for Sale Racing Harnesses for Sale Anal Harnesses for Sale Bondage Slave Harnesses for Sale Mouth Gag Head Harnesses for Sale OEM car H4 Headlight Relay Wiring Harness System 2 Headlamp Light Bulb Fix Dim.

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